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The Meg 2018

The Meg 2018 full Full Download Torrent

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Large creatures attacked the submarine, leaving it unimportant and taking over the crew at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Over time, rescue divers Jonas Taylor had to save the crew and the ocean from unimaginable threats – 75 feet of sharks on the sidewalk as Megalodon.

After leaving the attack, he said, was a 70-meter shark, Jonas Taylor had to face his fear of saving those who fell into submerged submarines.

Directed by:

John TurtlethaubLimaLast year, an experienced navy diver and navy captain, Jonas Taylor, faced an unknown danger in the uncharted section of the Mariana trench, forcing him to stop his mission and surrender half of his team. Even though the tragic incident brought him an unfair dismissal, at the end he sacrificed his career, his marriage, and all the appearances of his honor were his unsupported statements and did not believe what caused him – to attackMammoth boats as high as 70 meters. Sea creatures are believed to have become extinct for more than a million years. But when the lie sank and was cut off on the ocean floor – to bring his ex-wife among the crew – she accepted the connection. Regardless of whether it is a shot at redemption or a suicide mission, Jonas must face his fear and risk the life and life of all those trapped below in one question: Is Carharodon Megalodon – a sea predatorthe biggest ever. He is there – he’s still alive.
The Wife 2018
and hunting?

Joanne and Joe remain complementary after nearly 40 years of marriage. Where JO is not intentional, Joan is elegant. Where Joe is in vain, Joanne is self-destructive. And where Joe uses his audience. The role of the great American writer, Joanna, devotes her extraordinary intelligence, elegance, charm, and diplomacy to the personal role of a great wife. Because Joe will receive the Nobel Prize for his famous and successful work, Joan startedthink about general compromise, secret betrayal.


The Meg 2018

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