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See FIFA 15 13 – the most complete version of the football symbol to date, and is a strong candidate from PES 2013 in the struggle to achieve the King of football matches. FIFA 12 has made several improvements that help to make thisversion smooth (function () {(‘reviev-app-page-desktop’);}); The first touch control The new touch control system will change the way you receive the ball.
Free VPN download Management will become a matter of skill, not something automatic. In FIFA 13, the capture and control of the ball is influenced by variables such as positioning,resistance and attributes of the player who gets the dog. Improper ball control can lead to failure or failure of your opponent. Only tactical defense is represented in FIFA 12. Even experienced FIFA players were initially irritated by the switch, but the overclocking is terrific,this is likely to be the same with the first FIFA 13 touch control and, I hope, tactical protection, you can turn it off if it takes time to get used to AIT, lack of features and capabilities when the attack was one of my main problems FIFA 12 AI (artificial intelligence)The attackers improved in FIFA 13, and now players will move intelligently depending on their location, what is happening in the construction process, and where gaps are added, some of the attackers will be better than others, avoiding offside position, while others can commitsmart movements to clean the holes for the wings or protections for starting the engine. A pulse motor is a technology designed to make accidents more realistic. This engine was improved in FIFA 13 to remove errors. Includes a new series of animations forimprove realism, even better will promote players who can now use their shoulders and weapons to protect the ball or face the enemy. Physical problems will quickly appear in FIFA 13, slowing or dumping the balance if they are caught, when the ability to pass by the opponenta simple change of direction disappears into FIFA 13. New steps and improvements have emerged that allow you to choose inside the outside of the foot. This will be a true attitude towards technically advanced FIFA players and will bring more skills to defeat your penalty kick. With free legsin FIFA 13 you may need three players around the ball. Now you can create new templates and unpredictable chances, fake images and draw players for defense reasons, you can add players to the wall or give one of them a split command to interceptreturn. You can also press down on the wall a few centimeters. However, if the judge notices this, the risk of pregnancy is yellow, career and multiplayer mode. FIFA 13 will make some changes to the 3D modeling of players using Dimensional Imaging. Thus, similarity with computerthe characters of real people become even more accurate 13, it boasts an excellent career mode in which you load the coaches, players and managers of your team. As for online multipliers, EA promised that, until it shows details of a major updatefor Head to Head, FIFA 13 promises to be one of the most complete and realistic football games we’ve seen.



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